NHL 13: The answer to the lockout?

Game preview: NHL 13

It’s not easy being a hockey fan these days. But honestly, has it ever been? With an all-but-official lockout looming over the NHL like a dark cloud, there’s not much to be excited about. Sure, the optimistic puck-faithful seem to agree a deal will be reached before Christmas, but what’s there to do in the meantime?

As luck would have it, NHL 13 hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles just a few days before the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement is set to expire. Whether or not the team owners and players association decide to shut up and love one another, there will most certainly be hockey — just of the virtual variety.

For the second year in a row, EA Sports’ NHL title runs totally unopposed by any other competing hockey sim. While one might write that off as a lack of incentive to innovate, NHL 13 makes some significant strides in gameplay and presentation, but a few annoyances have returned and popped up as well. (Credit: EA Sports)

Diving right into the overall experience, NHL 13 is the most realistic hockey videogame I’ve ever played. As a die-hard hockey fan, I’ve noticed a handful of additions — some minor, others more pronounced — that give NHL 13 an injection of realism. Players raise their hands when a puck goes out of play, a goal scorer stares up at the scoreboard to watch the replay, and players grab their face when they… [Read more]

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