iPhone 5, new iPod, may leave some cars in the dust

Apple’s Phil Schiller presents an adapter that lets the iPhone 5 work in a car.

(Credit: Wayne Cunningham/CNET)

During today’s event announcing the new iPhone and iPod, Apple VP Phil Schiller spent a little time talking about the Lightning connector, the port replacing the old 30 pin port on iOS devices. Although Schiller pointed out how Apple’s adapter for the port would ensure backward compatibility, some car models are not likely to work with Lightning or the new adapter.

Schiller specifically mentioned how the adapter would work with existing iPod integration in cars, showing an image of an iPhone cabled to a car. The car shown in the photo was an Audi, identifiable by the distinctive MMI controller on the conole. Audi’s use a proprietary port for music devices, and come with adapter cables for Apple’s 30 pin connector. However, the Audi console shown in the photo had the iPhone cable coming from the back of the console, odd because Audi puts its music device connector in the glovebox of most of its models. Schiller’s photo could have been a mock-up.

The fact that the Lightning port uses eight purely digital pins calls into question whether the Lightning adapter would actually work with many cars’ existing iPod or e… [Read more]

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