Super Mario Hungry Hungry Hippos munch marbles

Who’s hungry?

(Credit: Kodykoala)

When you think of Super Mario, do you also think of insatiably ravenous semi-aquatic animals? No? You must not be Super Mario fan Kodykoala.

Take a gander at the full set. (Click to enlarge.)

(Credit: Kodykoala)

The custom toy crafter created a detailed and outlandish mashup of Hungry Hungry Hippos and Super Mario. The starving hippos are turned into Koopa Kids complete with pointy little shells on their backs. These minions of Bowser are from the “Mario Party” series.

According to Kodykoala, each hippo took 10 hours of tinkering and painting to complete. Even the base has hand-carved bricks to look more like the Super Mario world. The whole functioning set represents 50 hours of work. That’s dedication to a dream.

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