Friday Poll: Are we in the ho-hum era for smartphones?

Here’s the latest smartphone. Are you blown away?

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

The iPhone 5 boasts some undeniable improvements over the previous generation. Thinner, lighter, and faster are all good things, though they may not get geeks flooding into the streets and dancing with sheer exuberance.

CNET’s Roger Cheng goes into detail on why he thinks the new iPhone is ho-hum and won’t wow anyone. In short, he doesn’t see anything groundbreaking about it.

CNET reader Renegade Knight sums up the feelings of a lot of iPhone fans: “It’s a good phone. Radical redesign of a working design is bad juju. Just keep improving it incrementally and you are far better off than trying to hit a home run with a radical change every year.”

Taking a broader perspective, CNET’s Stephen Shankland is looking at the entire smartphone landscape and wondering when we’ll see radically improved battery life, radically improved networking, or a truly radical interface.

Incremental improvements seem to be the biggest news these days. Th… [Read more]

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