Medium-format update: Phase One launches 645DF+ camera

Phase One’s 645DF+ with Schneider Kreuznach’s 28mm f4.5 leaf-shuttter wide-angle lens.

(Credit: Phase One)

COLOGNE, Germany — Phase One and Mamiya, the medium-format camera maker it controls, announced its new 645DF+ medium-format camera with new mechanics and improved focusing abilities.

The companies also announced at the Photokina camera show here the new Schneider Kreuznach 28 LS f/4.5 Aspherical, a very wide-angle 28mm leaf-shutter lens built by Schneider Kreuznach for the Mamiya-Phase One cameras. The camera and the lens are priced the same; each costs $5,990 or 4,290 euros, and each will ship in October.

Compared with the earlier 645DF, all moving parts of the 645DF+ have been completely overhauled for higher reliability, Phase One said. It’s also got a new rechargeable lithium-ion battery good for taking 10,000 photos.

The 645DF+ also has focusing improvements: first, a new autofocus system that the company says works better in low-light or low-contrast situations, and second, the ability to fine-tune focusing to adjust for how digital backs mount on the camera body.

Some medium-format cameras, including the Mamiya-Phase One models, have removable digital backs that once carried film packs but these days often carry large, expensive digital sensors that cost much more than the camera itself. Because the sensor is so much larger than those used in main… [Read more]

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