‘World’s thinnest house’ gets closer to big opening

Etgar Keret’s House is situated in the crack between buildings on 22 Chlodna St. and 74 Zelazna St. in Warsaw, Poland.

(Credit: Centrala)

Good news for giraffes! Construction has started on a house that’s being called the world’s narrowest.

The dwelling — located in a passageway between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland’s Wola district — measures 47 inches at its widest point and 27 inches at its narrowest.

Polish architect Jakub Szczesny of the architecture collective Centrala conceived of the super-slender abode for acclaimed Israeli writer Etgar Keret, who will live and work in the space for part of the year.

When he’s not using the home, artists and intellectuals from around the world will be invited to stay there for days and weeks at a time.

The home’s steel exterior looks like a capsule lodged between two buildings. Inside, amazingly, inhabitants will find all the amenities — except, of course, for a 60-inch flat-panel TV.

Nearby buildings will provide electricity, and the little roost will rely on an independent, boat-inspired water and sewage system, according to … [Read more]

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