iPhone 5 vs. the VPI Traveler turntable

The iPhone 5 and VPI Traveler turntable

(Credit: Steve Guttenberg/CNET )

Face it, most of today’s shiny new gizmos will be hopelessly out-of-date in a few years and taking up space in landfills not so long after that. The iPhone 5 may be a marvel of engineering and marketing genius, but like iPhones of years past it’s doomed to be cast aside when legions of Apple fanboys and girls stand in line to buy the iPhone 6 sometime next year. And so it goes.

Four years ago I wrote about my friend Gene and his Linn LP 12 turntable, the one he bought 30 years earlier. He’s a musician and mostly works at night, but listens to a lot of music at home during the day. He prefers the sound of LPs over CDs and that Linn, which he still uses daily, is his primary music source. It was expensive to buy, but considering how many years of enjoyment he’s gotten out of that turntable it was money well spent. How many iPods or phones will you buy and discard over the next 30 years? Americans on average replace their phones every two years or fewer.

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