AT&T armed to teeth with Android as 2012 winds down

The Samsung Rugby Pro (L) and Samsung Galaxy Express (R)

(Credit: Samsung )

Proving that it’s not wise to put all its smartphones in an iPhone basket, AT&T has been on an Android tear lately. The last two weeks have yielded eight handset announcements with more on the way as we head full on into the holiday buying season. Suffice it to say, AT&T is headed into the fourth quarter with its strongest Android lineup to date.

Entry-level Starting at the “low end” of the spectrum, Samsung has a forthcoming pair of handsets in the Galaxy Rugby Pro and Galaxy Express.

Although we still have to wait for the pricing and exact release, we know a little about each device. The Galaxy Rugby Pro features a rugged design with military-grade protection against water, dust, and shock. While most of these tougher handsets are bogged down with antiquated Android builds, t… [Read more]

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