Crave giveaway: Custom Timbuk2 CNET messenger bag

CNET editor Seth Rosenblatt, co-designer of this CNET Timbuk2 bag, models the creation (bike not included).

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET )

Congrats to Chris L. of Rochester, N.Y., for winning a TyPad 2 iPad case with Bluetooth keyboard in last week’s giveaway. If you love CNET (but of course you do!), you’ll love this week’s prize, a custom Timtuk2 bag sporting the CNET logo.

This isn’t just any custom bag, though. It was designed by me and my CNET colleague Seth Rosenblatt using Timbuk2’s online customization tool. Not to brag about our design skills or anything, but everyone here in the office who’s seen this bag wants it — badly.

The medium-size custom Commute Messenger bag contains compartments for a laptop up to 15 inches and an iPad or e-reader. Also, it’s TSA-compliant, meaning you can unzip the laptop compartment to lie flat for airport security scans. Did I mention how great the bag looks? It came out so well, Seth and I just might start a side business as bag designers.

Normally, a Timbuk2 medium Commute Messenger bag in ballistic nylon would cost you $149, but this is your chance to get one for free. How? There are a few rules, so please read carefully; there will, as usual, be a test. Also, stay tuned later today for a great gallery of … [Read more]

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