IE takes Contre Jour to the next level

Contre Jour may look like little more than a high-gloss version of Cut the Rope, but that sheen goes a long way. Last year, it earned top honors from Apple itself in 10 countries across Asia and Europe, and today you can play Contre Jour on the Web for free for the first time.

It appears to faithfully replicate its gameplay from the iPad, right down to the multi-touch controls required to advance in the third chapter. But while the game is pretty to look at and fun to play, it’s a showcase — like Google’s Cirque du Soleil experiment — for what HTML5 can do. But even that doesn’t tell the whole story.

The browser itself disappears when you play Contre Jour in Internet Explorer 10, but it is there when you want it.

(Credit: Microsoft )

The real story is how this new version of Contre Jour clears up Microsoft’s strategy for pushing a cutting-edge browser like Internet Explorer 10 alongside a new, native code platform like Windows 8. Sound confusing? It is, but only because the new paradigm isn’t going to be either native apps or the Web, says Ryan Gavin, Microsoft’s senior director of Internet Explorer. It’s going to be both.

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