Silicon Valley’s reality show: A new trailer of beauty

Isn’t he lovely?

(Credit: BravoTV Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET )

What it must be to be ugly and in tech.

What it must be to be, oh, in one’s late 20s or even early 30s and be ugly and in tech.

How does anyone cope? The Valley shrinks must never go home to their VC lovers.

This obvious truth is underlined by a new trailer for Bravo TV’s forthcoming reality show about Silicon Valley — which enjoys Randi Zuckerberg as one of its producers.

You might have heard about this show. Imaginatively titled “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley,” it has already shaken the brittle emotional foundations of those who believe everything in tech is serious.

But now here is a new trailer that will sure assuage all fears.

For here are impossibly gorgeous boys and girls who are desperate to prove that they aren’t merely beautiful, but our future.

“I live, breathe, eat, s***, daydream my company,” says one stunning(ly smackable) boy, who may well be called Dwight.

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