Dyson solves vacuum’s greatest riddle: Hair

Has hair finally met its match? Sure, if you have the money.

(Credit: Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET )

Every year, countless vacuums fall to the wayside after accumulated hair clogs the rapidly spinning brushes at the base of the appliance and tangles up within its attachments. My significant other and her copious amounts of long hair can spell out at least five minutes of tediously cutting away tangles from the brush after a floor sweep.

Dyson recently unveiled a new attachment — labeled the “Tangle-free Turbine tool” — for its expensive line of vacuums that promises to reduce hair entanglements that occur while cleaning. Instead of a horizontal spinning brush, Dyson’s $69 accessory uses a vertical axis of movement. The device features two flexible counter-rotating heads with built-in brushes that actually send hair past the spinners and into the vacuum bin.

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