League of Legends the world’s ‘most played video game’

The League of Legends World Championships, with a $5 million dollar prize pool, concludes on October 13. Riot keeps the game buzzing by maintaining competitive events such as this.

(Credit: Riot Games )

New statistics from the creator of League of Legends (and a variety of industry sources) indicate that the free multiplayer PC real-time strategy game had an average of 3 million concurrent online users in July, besting the entire combined total peak player count for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 (1.4 million) and people playing the top 100 games on Steam (650,000).

Riot Games, developer of League, also noted in an infographic that the game usually sees an average of 12 million players a day, with about 32 million active players logging in every month. Just for reference, when World of Warcraft sat at the top, it had about 12 million subscribers total.

Check out this stunning set of stats about League of Legends.

(Credit: Riot Games )

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