Alleged iPad mini screen, battery leaked in photos

The purported iPad mini display.

(Credit: ETradeSupply )

No, it’s not a complete version of Apple’s much-rumored iPad mini, but it could be a few more pieces of the puzzle.

Parts reseller ETradeSupply, which posted accurate photos and videos of Apple’s iPhone 5 casing some three months before its official debut, today has images of what it says is the 8-inch LCD screen for Apple’s smaller iPad, as well as its battery.

Neither part is connected to any electronics, or other pieces of housing, though as ETradeSupply notes, the leaked images add credence to the fact that Apple will stick with a 4:3 ratio for the iPad mini, versus switching to 16:9 like the iPhone 5’s display.

As far as specs for the two parts go, there’s no estimate or analysis on screen resolution, something that could clear up whether the tablet will simply work out of the box with apps made for the first- and second-generation iPad. However ETradeSupply lists some information on t… [Read more]

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