Modern platform games for iOS

(Credit: CNET)

Despite the realistic 3D graphics of today’s first person shooters, RPGs, and other games, platform games continue to thrive on iOS. There’s something about jumping through levels, solving puzzles, and collecting coins that keeps gamers entertained. Also, the ability to play through a single level while on the go makes platformers perfect for short bursts of play on your iOS device.

While a console controller is probably the ideal way to play these sometimes precise running and jumping games, iOS game developers have come up with unique ways to make them work.

This week’s collection of iOS apps is all about modern platform games. The first is the most traditional platformer, but adds an interesting twist for passing levels. The second has an uncommon control system, but a unique art style and fun, varied gameplay make it a great option. The third is the most polished of the collection, with challenging puzzles and a somewhat grotesque storyline.

Note: There are no Android versions for any of these games.

Mikey Shorts (99 cents|Free lite version) is a pure platformer, that has you collecting coins and setting frozen prisoners free as you race through levels.

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