Felix Baumgartner: Mars is a waste of your tax dollars

Mars? It’s too far away, people.

(Credit: Red Bull Stratos)

Felix Baumgartner hasn’t stopped leaping.

The man who chose to risk his life on behalf of mankind and a caffeinated drink, wants you to know that sending little machines to Mars is a pointless exercise.

Yes, you might have thought that the famed sky-leaper would be in favor of any sort of spatial exploration.

But, no. In an interview with the Telegraph he made it clear that the Mars money could be spent more wisely.

“That is tax money,” he said, differentiating it, perhaps, from lottery winnings or a Vegas windfall.

He added: People should decide ‘are you willing to spend all this money to go to Mars?’ I think the average person on the ground would never spend that amount of money — they have to spend it on something that makes sense, and this is definitely saving our planet.

There is something charming about an obviously not average person on the ground defending the views of we, the trapped mortals.

Yet if you didn’t quite get the point that our curiosity is misplaced, Baumgartner made himself even clearer: I think we should perhaps spend all the money [that is] going to Mars to le… [Read more]

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