Sandy knocks snark out of Twitter — for a day

That awkward moment when your Twitter feed shifts from hurricane booze sarcasm to genuine fear. #sandy

— Ben Rossen (@benrossen) October 29, 2012

As someone writing on the West Coast, it’s easy to feel at once a bit detached about Hurricane Sandy and deeply concerned for friends and family — and everyone else — stuck in the path of that once-in-a-generation natural disaster bearing down on the East Coast.

But for those hunkering down in places like New York City, Sandy represents real personal consequences — and it would be natural to assume that those who’ve spent days nervously waiting to see if the hurricane is for real aren’t laughing about it now that they’re in the thick of it.

According to Twitter user Liz Heron, Hurricane Sandy is already wreaking havoc in New York.

(Credit: Twitter user Liz Heron)

Yet, a quick look at Twitter today reveals that at least as many people have been tweeting quips about the storm as have been expressing real worry. The real question, though, seemed to be: How might the mood change once Sandy hit land and anticipation was replaced by the reality of being in the middle of a major natural disaster that’s actively wreaking havoc?

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