The iPhone app that sucks out Facebook bikini pics

Bad? Or just a convenient Bing?

(Credit: Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

One should always appreciate those who truly understand the human psyche.

One should also always appreciate humanists who embrace the concept of honesty. They are so few.

Stunningly, there is now an iPhone app that manages to do both. It’s called, with all due subtlety, Badabing.

Badabing appreciates that, at heart, you don’t really enjoy staring at most of your friends’ Facebook pictures.

No, no. But when they’re on vacation — or merely lounging on some local beach — you are moved by the sight of seeing them in mere bathing attire.

Only then can you judge whether they normally wear girdles or Spanx. Only then can you fantasize or wince at their true corporal state.

I am bodily grateful to TechCrunch for having unearthed this social gem.

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