Pacific islands go 100 percent solar

Now visitors to Nukunono Resort won’t be disturbed by the roar of diesel generators.

(Credit: New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

I can relate to the energy woes of folks in the Pacific island nation of Tokelau (technically a territory of New Zealand), and I’m a bit jealous of their solution.

Tokelau and the roughly 1,500 residents of the coral atolls about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand have become the world’s first completely energy-independent territory/nation/whatever, thanks to a solar energy project that’s just been completed with funding from the New Zealand government.

“Until now, Tokelau has been 100 percent dependent upon diesel for electricity generation, with heavy economic and environmental costs,” New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully said in a news release from the government.

When I lived in a remote rural Alaskan village, we faced a similar situation, with all diesel fuel and gasoline flown or barged in to heat homes and run vehicles at ridiculous expense — prices for a gallon of unleaded can be double or even triple what’s seen in the lower 48. You’d think the Land of the Mid… [Read more]

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