Pay for sexy Instagram pics, help Sandy victims

Human or Wizard of New York?

(Credit: Tumblr/Humans of New York)

Photographer Clayton Cubitt is using some of his recent, slightly naughtier work to entice donations for Hurricane Sandy victims, but with a unique Instagram- and Twitter-based twist.

For every $200 donated to Occupy Sandy Recovery, the photographer based in New York and New Orleans releases one of his sexy #babesofsandy photos on Instagram.

So far we’ve only seen two storm babe shots, including one that’s complete with the requisite DOLCat (drooling on laptop) and another that would would win the approval of Sir Mix-A-Lot. With a little more attention to the cause, hopefully Cubitt will need to fill a few memory cards with some more sexiness soon.

Tumblr has this week thrown its promotional and meme-generating weight behind another New York photographer trying to keep the fundraising focus on the victims of Sandy this week.

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