Giant CO2 spheres invade NYC

(Credit: Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET)

With its many pedestrians and subway users, New York seems like one of the greener cities in the U.S. But it still produced a gob-smacking mountain of carbon emissions in 2010.

In the vid below from graphics firm Carbon Visuals, the 54 million tons of CO2 is illustrated as a mass of spheres that tower over the city, engulfing its buildings.

Some 75 percent of the pollution came from buildings, with the bulk of the rest from transport, according to the firm, which used city data.

The spheres are 33 feet across, and the 9,150-foot mountain of gas stretches from the edge of Brooklyn to near 52nd Street.

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Of course, part of the mountain — 36 percent — is air between the spheres. The firm says it chose that density to reflect a random packing of spheres…. [Read more]

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