Gasp over hundreds of billions in gold at Bank of England

A view of just one of the gold vault rooms in the Bank of England. Each shelf contains about a ton of gold.

(Credit: Bank of England)

Have you ever seen billions of dollars in gold bars? A video — made in the name of science — gives a glimpse into the massive gold reserves at the Bank of England.

University of Nottingham professor Martyn Poliakoff loves the elements. The eccentric science wizard works with others on a popular Web site and YouTube channel known as The Periodic Table of Videos; one latest videos focuses on one of the most valuable elements in existence — gold.

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To further our scientific knowledge (and inadvertently make everyone feel really poor), Poliakoff visited the massive gold bullion vault within the Bank of England and filmed the jaw-dropping contents within. The U.K. stores about 197 billion British pounds ($315 billion) worth of gold bars in various rooms of the vau… [Read more]

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