Buy a TV now or wait?

(Credit: Geoffrey Morrison/CNET)

Most new TV models are announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, held every January. It’s usually a few months before they ship, arriving in stores sometime in the spring.

So with new models imminent, should you wait to buy a new TV? We break down what we expect to see, and figure out when is the best time to buy.

Upgrades? When it comes to the new models, a direct replacement for what’s out now, none of us TV tech pundits is expecting big changes. Incremental improvements have been the name of the game for several years.

We’ll likely see a few more larger models, a few cheaper 3D and smart TV models, and a lot of single-digit number/letter changes with very similar spec sheets.

However, 2012 saw a nearly pervasive stagnation in picture quality from many manufacturers. On average, many “new” 2012 models didn’t look any better than their 2011 counterparts. Some models looked a little worse. Are we seeing a trend of reducing the cost to build the TVs, at the expense of overall performance? We shall see. There were a few exceptions, of course.

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