Friday Poll: What’s the best tech product of 2012?

Is this the top device of 2012?

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

There can be only one. The Samsung Galaxy S3 lopped the heads off of all comers to claim the top spot in CNET’s roundup of the best tech products of 2012.

CNET editors placed the contenders in an imaginary fight cage and let them battle it out like so many boxing robots. Only five devices were still standing at the end. The iPhone 5 was left holding the tossed-off bridal bouquet while the Samsung Galaxy S3 hopped into a limo for its honeymoon with the “best tech product of 2012” designation.

A handsome selection of tech specs, a good-looking HD display, and a decent price put the Galaxy S3 over the top. It was close, though. The iPhone 5 might have been undone by its maps fiasco.

Though the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and its impressive battery life came in fifth place, it wasn’t all smartphones in the top-5 list. The Google Nexus 7, an affordable and capable little tablet, edged out Apple’s pric… [Read more]

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