Google Glass development charges ahead

Google co-founder Sergey Brin models the Google Glass project during Google I/O in June 2012.

(Credit: CNET)

It’s been six months since Google unveiled its Google Glass project, and it appears the tech giant is still hard at work ironing out the kinks to get the product ready for consumption.

In an interview with IEEE Spectrum published today, the head of the Google Glass project, Babak Parviz, said his team is continuing to try out new ideas and that both the software and hardware development is coming along.

“We constantly try out new ideas of how this platform can be used,” Parviz told IEEE Spectrum. “We’re also trying to make the platform more robust. This includes making the hardware more robust and the software more robust, so we can ship it to developers early this year.”

Google first debuted the titanium-framed glasses headset during its Google I/O conference in June. At the time, the wearable platform had video and audio capability, along with a built-in compass and accelerometer, and it was controlled by head movements.

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