Man gets stolen iPhone back by seducing thief online

Date this, buster.

(Credit: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

This rule applies in business, just as it does in love: when someone does you wrong, find their weak spot.

This is something that 27-year-old Nadav Nirenberg of Park Slope in Brooklyn understands so well.

He, you see, had left his iPhone 4 in a cab on New Year’s Eve. 2013 was still in its infancy when he learned that someone was using the phone to find dates.

How did he know? OKCupid began to send him alerts. So he logged on to the site and saw that he had apparently sent messages to girls — when he knew he hadn’t.

Men, though, are weak. Flatter them and their knees go weak, their tongues emerge, and their brains function according to highly unscientific principles.

So, as the New York Post tells it, Nirenberg created a female profile, with a picture of an alluring lady, and set about seducing, well, himself.

The thief was actually using Nirenberg’s picture.

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