How to sell your phone for cash (Smartphones Unlocked)

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

In last month’s Smartphones Unlocked, I shared what happens to your smartphone when it ceases to be yours.

Although I listed resources for getting rid of your phone (and took a poll of what CNET readers usually do with their old handsets,) it’s high time I offered up some tips for how to go about selling your phone…or any other consumer electronic, for that matter.

Don’t count on a Hawaiian vacation for your efforts, but depending on how much you hoard or how savvy you sell, the dollars could really add up.

1. Raid the closet

When’s the last time you’ve slid open desk drawers or checked under the bed? Chances are that you have at least one ancient flip phone hiding out in a closet somewhere.

Holding onto a phone you’re no longer planning to use makes good sense. You never know when you or a family member or friend will need a spare, but at some point when you upgrade to the next big thing, you can turn the one you’ve got into cash.

When you add up the old cell phones, cameras, and laptops you have at home, you might find a nice little stash to sell.

2. Don’t stress if it’s broken

How much money would you expect to get for a cruddy old model? Through many Web sites and trade-in programs, the answer is: nothing…. [Read more]

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