Asus Transformer AIO, a tablet/desktop mash-up

(Credit: Asus)

We’ve seen battery-powered all-in-one desktops from Sony and Lenovo since the launch of Windows 8, but Asus has a different approach to merging desktop computing power with wireless mobility.

With two CPUs, and two operating systems, the Asus Transformer AIO is one of the more unique computers we’ve seen here at the show. In its desktop mode, the Transformer is a Core i5 or Core i7-powered Windows 8 all-in-one with an 18.4-inch IPS touchscreen. Disengage the display, and you find yourself holding an Android Jellybean-based tablet with a Tegra 3 chip inside.

An 18.4-inch screen sounds large for a tablet, and small for an all-in-one, so yes, it involves some compromise in both aspects. It’s not quite as large as you might want in a desktop, and it’s perhaps not quite as portable as you’d want from a traditional tablet.

Still, it’s not too hard to imagine plunking the Transformer AIO down on a desk and then grabbing the tablet when you move between rooms. Asus makes no mention of data continuity between the two modes, so you’re likely on your own as far as bringing your documents and media with you… [Read more]

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