I took a power drill to an iPhone at CES

Take that, iPhone.

(Credit: Amanda Kooser/CNET)

LAS VEGAS–I love power tools. I also love smartphones. Finally, my two passions came together on the show floor of CES 2013. Amzer makes the ShatterProof line of screen protectors for electronic devices. They invited me over to go nuts on an iPhone protected with this thin urethane film.

The available objects of destruction were a power drill and sander. There would have been a hammer, but it had been stolen from the booth. I felt like I was building a set of cabinets rather than testing out a tech item.

Not a scratch on the iPhone screen. (Click to enlarge.)

(Credit: Amanda Kooser/CNET)

Shatterproof is .2 millimeter thick and sticks on with the help of an included wedge. It has already been through a battery of ASTM tests to prove its tear strength and hardness. Now, it was my turn.

I ran the drill tip over the top, reveling in the sensation of going all “This Old House” on an expensive piece of technology. I sanded it up, leaving light buzz marks across the surface. Then the protector came off and all was quiet down below. The phone’s screen was unsullied… [Read more]

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