Otherworldly Craigslist ad seeks ‘Star Trek’ role-players

The author of the Craigslist ad will most likely be wearing a Captain Picard uniform similar to this one auctioned by Christie’s in 2006.

(Credit: Christie’s Images Ltd. 2006)

For those ladies fluent in Klingon but who just can’t seem to find a boyfriend, you’re now in luck. Apparently, a certain someone is seeking women for “Star Trek” role-playing — strictly “The Next Generation.”

A recent Craigslist ad titled “Make It So” is making the joke rounds on Twitter today. The ad promises “no nudity, no touching” but asks for two to three women to get in character with the ad’s author as he plays the “honorable” and “intellectual” Captain Picard.

Apparently Make It So has some serious issues with Captain Kirk, who he says “isn’t half the Captain that Picard is” and is also a “fat chauvinist ladies man.” He says that last time he tried to role-play “The Original Series,” it was a “disaster.” “There will be no mixing of eras,” he proclaims.

Once he finds some suitable women that “know a lot about the show,” the roleplaying can commence in his mom’s garage where he has built a bridge and a small shuttlecraft. He will provide the scripts. The women have to have their own co… [Read more]

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