VP Biden to Hangout, talk gun control on Google+

Jumpin’ Joe will be getting his G+ on this week.

(Credit: Whitehouse.gov)

President Obama’s “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit drew more than 5 million views, and now Vice President Joe Biden is going to try his hand at a different newfangled social-media real-time electronic telegraph technology.

In an event dubbed a “Fireside Hangout,” the vice president will be hanging out in Google+ starting at 10:45 a.m. PT tomorrow to discuss the recently released White House policy recommendations on reducing gun violence in the wake of a downright awful 2012 that was plagued by a number of mass shootings in the United States.

Joining Biden for the 30-minute Hangout will be social-media gurus Guy Kawasaki and Phil DeFranco, with Hari Sreenivasan from “PBS NewsHour” moderating. Hmm, wonder if Biden really knows what he’s got himself into this time?

You can join the Hangout via the White House Google+ page or YouTube channel. It will also be streamed o… [Read more]

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