The ultimate gall of a heartless iPhone thief

An object of desire?

(Credit: CNET)

One should never expect justice in life.

The best one can hope for is poetry.

And yet, just once or twice, both manage to collide with a deliciousness that moves the soul.

Here is the tale of a teenage girl who had her iPhone stolen.

As The New York Times composes it, the girl had her iPhone 4S ripped from her by a teenage boy in Brooklyn’s notoriously difficult Prospect Park.

iPhone theft is rather popular in New York. Indeed, Mayor Bloomberg recently suggested that it’s responsible for an increase in crime in the city.

Anyway, the iPhone-less girl collared a couple of policemen, but the miscreant was not to be found.

However, the thief then decided that he’d try to get some money for the phone. So he met a man on a Flatbush street — as you do.

The man asked to take a look at the phone. Perhaps he wanted to see whether Siri was still inside.

Then, he ran off with it.

Yes, this is slightly poetic. But we’ve only just begun.

You see, the boy thief was not very happy. After all, he’d had his recently acquired property stolen. So he went off in sea… [Read more]

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