Forget Episode VII, watch ‘JJ Abrams Star Wars – The Musical’

Are you a late-model “Star Trek” fan with issues about your guy, J.J. Abrams jumping ship in order to direct the next “Star Wars” film? Or maybe a “Star Wars” devotee filled with dread at having your favorite franchise be under the control of someone who’s directed two “Star Trek” films?

If so, there’s a musical for you. “JJ Abrams Star Wars – The Musical,” to be precise.

Picture Darth Vader and Abrams singing at each other on a pier. Picture Vader shaming Abrams — well, a very poor look-alike at least — with a line like, “So you think // you can walk right in // You who joined with the other side // You now betray every ‘Star Trek’ fan // You have crushed their pride.” And then Abrams’ rejoinder, “It is true // That I have jumped ship // I was always a Star (Trek) Wars guy // I cannot pass on this perfect chance // Let’s see eye to eye.”

This is YouTube silliness at its best. It’s topical, it’s funny (sort of), and it’s camp of the highest order. What’s not to love?

George Lucas and new ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ director J.J. Abrams.

(Credit: Joi Ito)

Abrams, of course, was recently named the director of the… [Read more]

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