Peek at a Big Game IT ‘war room’ — at Domino’s Pizza

Ground zero for the greatest single-day migration of pizza pies in history. (Click to enlarge.)

(Credit: Domino’s Pizza)

On Big Game day today, Domino’s Pizza is planning to deliver millions of pizzas (it estimates that a total of 11 million slices will be delivered) and 2.5 million chicken wings. According to Domino’s execs, the national game day gorge has become more than just a manner of beefing up on drivers, dough tossers, and yes, beef — it’s also quite an undertaking in the information technology department.

According to the Michigan-based company, a third of Domino’s orders come though a digital channel these days, and of course even the analog orders run through the corporate network. In 2007, for the first time, Domino’s saw the need to put together a game day “defense” team on Big Game day to sit in a conference room and keep an eye on all the information systems.

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