Canadian penny bites the dust. Is the nickel next?

An obsolete coin for your thoughts: paid tribute to the Canadian penny, which was first struck in 1858.

(Credit: Google)

We Canadians love innovating our money. We’re printing plastic banknotes and chucking out useless coins.

Last March I said I wouldn’t mourn the passing of the Canadian penny.

And yet today, as the Royal Canadian Mint officially stopped distributing the cent to banks, I have mixed feelings. I saw the animated doodle honoring the coin and felt a tad nostalgic.

So I fished out a few pennies from my pockets and considered the brazen image of Queen Elizabeth and the maple leaf.

There’s something a little Dickensian in these worn coppers. The oldest on my desk is from 1977. The surface is dull and the queen looks a lot younger.

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