Microsoft Surface Pro set for sales on Saturday

The Surface RT (left) and the Surface Pro.

(Credit: Microsoft)

With the Surface Pro set to go on sale Saturday, consumers will have a pretty stark choice between two Microsoft tablets that look remarkably similar.

When I walked into my local Los Angeles Microsoft Store earlier this week — where the Pro was already on display next to the RT model — it was hard to tell right off the bat which Surface was which.

Not surprising, since both tablets display the same Metro screen and there’s a mere 4.2mm difference in thickness.

So, let’s recap what sets the Pro apart from the RT version.

Price: The RT model with Microsoft Office starts at $499. The Pro without Microsoft Office starts at $899.

Compatibility: The RT model is not compatible with older Windows applications. The Pro is.

Thickness/weight: The Pro model is about 0.5 inches and 2 pounds, the RT model about 0.35 inches and 1.5 pounds.

Disk space/storage tech: The Pro comes in 64GB and 128GB versions, RT in 32GB and 64GB. Note that the Surface Pro’s … [Read more]

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