$11 million sought to build X-wing, counter Kickstarter Death Star

(Credit: Lucasfilm)

There’s no disturbing lack of faith among Kickstarter supporters.

After all, a crowdfunded project to construct the Death Star that was launched less than a week ago already has nearly 1,500 backers and an astonishing $364,772 in pledges.

Well, the Rebels aren’t taking that threat sitting down. A rival Kickstarter campaign to build X-wing fighters has just taken off. Its goal is to build one of the famous spaceships from “Star Wars” and then more.

“If George Lucas produced ‘Star Wars IV, A New Hope,’ for $11,000,000 we figure we can finance a prototype of an X-Wing and train a pilot,” organizer Simon Kwan, a product designer in Shanghai, writes on the campaign page.

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