How to set a TV up by eye

Calibrate your TV by eye

The image on the left is correct. The image on the right is a simulation of what the same image would look like with the Contrast control set too high. Notice how the clouds lack all detail and are merely white blobs.

(Credit: Geoffrey Morrison for original image and modification)

Let’s say you’re at your father-in-law’s house and he just got a new TV. You’re stuck in a corner, having recommended the TV, and you’re the only person who knows contrast from composite. What to do?

In an ideal world you’d have a setup disc on hand to set it up for him. Better yet, you’d have the number of a local calibrator instantly available and pop-in-law is willing to spring for a full calibration.

But that’s not always possible. Here are a few tips that will help you get the picture settings on his TV close to ideal–or at least closer than it was.

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