Crave giveaway: Kanex Sydnee four-port recharging station

(Credit: Kanex)

Congrats to Johnal L. of Costa Mesa, Calif., for winning a pair of Aperio Audio Verus Forte speakers in last week’s giveaway. This week’s prize is sure to get the winner all charged up.

We’re giving away a Kanex Sydnee recharging station, which charges up to four iOS devices at once through its four 2.1-amp USB ports. It works with all iPhones and iPads, and would be quite happy in any iFriendly home, office, or classroom looking to keep its gear organized and powered up.

A side view.

(Credit: Kanex)

The unit plugs into a wall socket and comes with three USB cables so you can start multi-charging right out of the box. While the Sydnee’s marketed as a charging station for iDevices, it’ll work with just about any USB-powered device.

Normally, a Kanex Sydnee would cost you $149, but you have the chance to score one for free. How do you go about doing that? Well, like this:

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