The Facebook mistakes people make after a date

(Credit: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

February can make people excitable.

A new year is barely old. Hope springs eternal. And then there’s Valentine’s Day to add a little piquancy to their emotional state.

Sometimes, though, lovers suffer from a certain lack of self-control. This can manifest itself on society’s everyday manifest: Facebook.

I was moved, therefore, that someone had taken the time to list the major faux pas that occur when social contact accelerates beyond decent norms.

I am lovingly grateful to Ranker, which has taken it upon itself to reduce the rancor that might be caused by Facebooked overenthusiasm — the site has listed behavior to avoid.

Apparently the worst thing you can do after meeting someone in whose charm and personality you might be interested is to immediately send them a Facebook friend request.

This might seem obvious to some.

You don’t necessarily have any idea what the other person might really think of you. You know, inside their heads.

And, as Ranker wisely offers: “Now you’ve just given yourself something else to obsess over: ‘Why hasn’t my friend request been accepted? Why is it taking so long? Did they even see it?!’

And from one small click, a whole new series of sessions with your shrink is cr… [Read more]

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