Leap Motion controllers to ship May 13, cost $80

Leap Motion, the innovative gesture control system, will begin shipping on May 13.

(Credit: Leap Motion)

Leap Motion, which has developed an innovative motion-control system that’s accurate to the hundredth of an inch, said today that it will begin shipping its controller on May 13.

The controller, which gives users the ability to control what’s on their computers with touch-free pinch-to-zoom gestures, will sell for $80 — though customers who have already pre-ordered it will pay $70 — and will ship to pre-order customers on May 13, and be available to everyone else on May 19.

3D motion tech gets closer to store shelves

The device will be available in the U.S. only through Leap Motion’s Web site, and at Best Buy’s stores and Web site and wherever Asus computer bundles are sold. BestBuy.com will begin taking pre-orders today, Leap Motion said.

“We’ve assessed where the developer ecosystem is, and where our global logistics and supply chain is,” Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald told CNET, and want to “make sure it lives up to everything [developers and customers] and we want it to be -… [Read more]

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