Audrey Hepburn shines again in new CGI ad

A computer-generated Audrey Hepburn swoons over an Italian gentleman in this cute commercial.

(Credit: Sean Hepburn Ferrer, AMV BBDO, Luca Dotti)

No one can play Audrey Hepburn as well as Audrey Hepburn.

Through the magic of computer-generated imagery, the Galaxy chocolate company — known as Dove outside the U.K. and Ireland — has brought the deceased movie star back to life for a lovely one-minute commercial by ad agency AMV BBDO and visual-effects company Framestore.

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The agency’s first attempt at creating an authentic-looking Hepburn failed. The group cast a woman with similar eyes to the iconic star, and through face-scanning technology, digitally captured 70 face muscle movements as well as high-resolution textures from the double.

After extensive filming in an idyllic coastal town in Italy, animators tried to compile the double’s eyes with a CGI visage of Hepburn, only to end up with subp… [Read more]

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