6 things I want to do with NFC (Smartphones Unlocked)

S Beam on the Samsung Galaxy S3 makes terrific use of NFC.

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

Tapping your phone on a console to pay for fries and a Coke is cool. Yet until the stars align, it’s not how you’ll be using NFC, the near field communications standard that gets devices talking to one another quickly and in a very short range.

Instead of using NFC to replace your credit card, it will increasingly become your passcode, your key. Best of all, it can be used to program one tag with a certain set of instructions that can launch specific actions when read by another NFC-enabled device.

In other words, just one tap of an NFC smartphone on the right tag can launch an app, a map, and share photos and documents.

NFC has been sitting around in phones for years, waiting for people to figure out how to use its charms. This past CES and MWC, device-makers have begun showing more smartphones, laptops, cameras, and appliances built with an embedded NFC chip.

The problem is, some of these NFC-enabled devices just don’t work. There are software and hardware hurdles to overcome, but for the first time since NFC landed on an unsuspecting phone, there’s the real possibility for NFC pairing to meld into a way of life.

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