Phase One medium-format camera gear goes wireless, B&W

The Phase One IQ280 digital back along with the 645DF+ camera body and the 80mm Schneider-Kreuznach leaf-shutter lens.

(Credit: Phase One)

Phase One said today it’s updating high-end medium-format camera line with three new Wi-Fi-equipped digital backs — including one model that shoots only black-and-white images.

The $43,990 IQ280 keeps the same 80-megapixel sensor of its predecessor, the Phase One IQ180, but it’s got a better 13-stop dynamic range — a measurement of image’s span from bright to dark. That’s up from 12.5 stops on the IQ180.

The IQ280 has a large 80-megapixel image sensor measuring 53.7×40.4mm. The digital back also has Wi-Fi abilities for remote control and monitoring.

(Credit: Phase One)

Phase One announced the cameras today along with the IQ260, which has a new 60-megapixel sensor, and the IQ 260 Achromatic, a black-and-white variation. The three new digital backs will ship in June but can be ordered now, Phase One said.

The digital backs are image sensors that mount to Phase One or Mamiya camera bodies, which handle chores like gauging exposure and moving the shutter. They’re geared for professionals who shoot subjects such as fashion models, cars, architecture, and jewelry. </p… [Read more]

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