Self-stirring pot puts Japanese in a spin


A watched pot never boils, but some pots can stir themselves.

Kurukuru Nabe, a pot developed in Japan, stirs its own contents, freeing you up to do better things with your time.

You’d think this is high-tech stuff, but no. It’s a conventional saucepan with a grooved insert that produces a circular motion resembling a whirlpool in the water.

The design is fairly simple, as seen in this video of an aluminum pot with grooves that induce a spin.

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When the water in Kurukuru Nabe gets hot enough, things start to spin counterclockwise. Noodles, vegetables, and whatever else in the pot will go “round and round,” as its Japanese name suggests.

Scum from boiling vegetables will accumulate in the center, making … [Read more]

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