Ouya’s keynote convo polarizes SXSW

Ouya founder and CEO Julie Uhrman in conversation with The Verge’s Josh Topolsky at SXSW 2013.

(Credit: Seth Rosenblatt/CNET)

AUSTIN, Texas — The annual South by Southwest conference here prides itself on being a place for “disruption,” but the only real disruption during a fairly pedestrian conversation between the founder of crowd-funded Ouya and the editor-in-chief of The Verge today were angry tweets followed by empty seats.

Ouya founder Julie Uhrman got on stage with The Verge Editor-in-Chief Joshua Topolsky to discuss her company’s enormously successful Kickstarter campaign and the product it funded: an Android-based, open-source gaming console. The torrent of Tweets that followed revealed the audience members to be critical of just about everything except the room they were sitting in.

A brief sampling of the Tweets indicates a lot of discontent, but about many different aspects of the keynote.

Not sure which keynote was more of a train wreck; This year’s #UhrmTopo or last year’s Kurtzweil interview. #SXSW #sxblono

— Brian A. Abamont (@LegallyDead) March 11, 2013

the best questions i’ve seen at sxsw in this … [Read more]

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