Men think phones say more about them than cars, poll says

“Um, I have a brain you know.”

(Credit: CBS News)

Gentlemen, what’s the first thing people notice about you? Your bulging biceps? Your self-assured swagger? Your Nokia Lumia 920?

If you chose option No. 3, you’re in line with the results of a new global survey from mobile video startup Vuclip. Sixty-one percent of men, it indicates, say the first thing people notice about them is the type of phone they have. That’s compared with 38 percent of women who think people’s eyes go straight to their Droid Razr Maxx HD above all else.

The poll — one of many recent surveys examining technology attitudes and habits — culled the responses of 120,000 consumers from around the world over the course of four days last month. Participants in the poll identified themselves as coming from 15 countries, with India, Canada, and Saudi Arabia getting the most representation. (Only 5,000 respondents came from the U.S.)

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