Trolls take on 9-year-old girl’s Kickstarter project…and lose

The campaign to send a young girl to programming camp has stirred up quite a controversy.

(Credit: Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET)

My dear sweet Internet, you have been the light of my life for nearly two decades, so why must you choose now to impart so much darkness and sadness?

Last week, my editors spotted and passed on an adorable project on Kickstarter attempting to raise 800 bucks to send a 9-year-old girl to a week-long camp where she would learn to design her own role-playing game. Backers who pledged $10 or more would get a copy of the game she produced. The heartwarming sentiment resonated, and the project quickly caught fire and has so far raised over $20,000, or more than 20 times its target.

So we published a brief write-up of the campaign’s success on Friday and began our weekend in good spirits, our faith in the world reaffirmed and visions of a new generation of empowered gamer girls dancing in our heads.

Then came the trolls.

The weekend had barely begun when the name-calling comments and emails began coming in. Apparently I was not some guy who wrote about a cool crowdfunding campaign — I was now clearly some… [Read more]

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