High-resolution Battlefield 4 screenshots leaked

Is that Matt LeBlanc?

(Credit: EA/DICE)

If you’re starving for information about Battlefield 4, three new screenshots found on EA’s Web server might whet your appetite.

CNET confirmed the authenticity of the screenshots after downloading the files from an insecure EA Web directory associated with the official Battlefield blog. In comparison with its predecessor, BF4 appears to contain massive upgrades, especially when it comes to textures and draw distance, as well as considerable improvements in the way soldiers and weapons appear.

These visuals blow away Battlefield 3.

(Credit: Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET)

In a BF4 screenshot titled “Construction,” an impressive vista featuring many buildings under development serves as the backdrop, while more than a hundred birds fly above the player’s head. There’s a healthy amount of anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering in the image, which results in some very smooth, sharp visuals.

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