Congratulations, you are now paint

Project turns people into paint

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SAN FRANCISCO — You are the blob. And you are the paint, too, if you let the art collective here known as Anticlockwise Arts have its way with you.

The group debuted a new project last night at the Academy of Sciences’ weekly ‘NightLife’ event called “Watercolor Walls,” which uses some basic tech tools and audience participation to give new life to your stodgy old silhouette. As one of the nearby DJs spun remixes of pop hits like Justin Bieber, the crowd of more than one thousand people would walk, strut, and shimmy in between Watercolor Walls’ camera and projector, and a 15-foot-tall screen, on its way from one end of the museum to the other. Using infrared light, the camera and projector would outline the silhouettes of people moving in front of the screen, but there was more to it.

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